yukon high 001
30′ x 96′ Nexus Vail rigid peak galvanized steel greenhouse frame glazed with 8 mm twinwall clear polycarbonate on all surfaces. 10′ under gutter height. This very nice teaching greenhouse is equipped with a motorized shade system, pad and fan cooling, Link 4 computer controls and stationary benching.
yukon high 002
View of Yukon School teaching greenhouse part way through construction. 8 mm clear twinwall polycarbonate panels already installed on the roof, sidewalls and part of endwalls. You can see the framed opening on the south endwall where the rack and pinion pad vent will mount to the outside and the Koolcel cooling pad system will mount to the inside.

For more information on this greenhouse or any others, please contact us at appas@americanplant.com or call (405) 787-4833.