(Completed in 2009)

30′ wide Nexus Vail rigid peak greenhouse x 72′ long glazed with 8mm twinwall polycarbonate panels on all surfaces.  12′ of white/ice polycarbonate over 12′ long headhouse area and 60′ of clear twinwall over greenhouse area. Teaching greenhouse is equipped with motorized shade system, heating, evaporative pads and exhaust fans, benches and staged controls.

Note double entry doors on west side of headhouse area. Rack and pinion pad vents covering Koolcel pad system on south endwall. Note heater exhaust stack out endwall. This view makes it easy to see the 12′ at south end glazed with white/ice Polygal to cover the potting tables/headhouse area and the clear Polygal covering the 60′ of greenhouse production area.
Note double entry doors on east side. Rack and pinion pad vent inside chain link fence on south end to protect students from moving vent parts. Note double wall heater stack on endwall. All surfaces glazed with 8 mm twinwall polycarbonate panels.
Note Acme slantwall exhaust fans on each side of insulated steel entry door on north endwall. Note PVC downspouts off low end of greenhouse gutters. All greenhouse surfaces glazed with 8 mm twinwall polycarbonate panels. Greenhouse features a concrete floor sloping slightly to floor drains at the pad end of greenhouse.

For more information on this greenhouse or any others, please contact us at appas@americanplant.com or call (405) 787-4833.