(Completed in 2002)

21′ x 30′ American Plant Products school greenhouse kit featuring 8mm Polygal clear twinwall polycarbonate glazing, polypropylene shade cloth over the greenhouse, rack and pinion pad vent, Koolcel cooling pad system, Acme exhaust fan, HAF fans, Modine unit heater, and more.

Fan endwall of greenhouse with hole in 8mm Polygal glazing where exhuast fan will be installed. Note Modine gas unit heater inside greenhouse and double wall heater stack to outside of greenhouse endwall. Features aluminum walk door glazed with 8mm Polygal, and you can see the structural plastic bench tops inside greenhouse.

View of school greenhouse with rack and pinion pad vent on endwall to provide inlet air to cooling pad system.
View of pad endwall glazed with 8mm  clear Polygal and rack and pinion pad vent over Koolcel cooling pad system.
Rack and pinion pad vent on school greenhouse endwall. Note woven polypropylene shade cloth over 8mm Polygal roof.
Amercian Plant Products school greenhouse under construction. 8mm Polygal  twin wall panels and shade cloth already installed on roof. Note heater and HAF fan already installed.

For more information on this greenhouse or any others, please contact us at appas@americanplant.com or call (405) 787-4833.