(Completed in 1996)

30′ x 100′ Nexus Vail rigid peak galvanized steel greenhouse retrofitted with saddles to mount over existing concrete stemwall and glazed with corrugated clear fiberglass.

View of greenhouse framing with clear corrugated fiberglass glazing over existing concrete benches filled with sand. Picture from the north end looking towards Koolcel pad system on the south endwall. Note punched convection tube overhead for heat distribution and air circulation.
View from middle of greenhouse looking towards south endwall with Koolcel pad system. Note two gas unit heaters overhead blowing into a fanjet with a punched plastic convection tube running overhead to distribute the heat and circulate the air.
View from west side showing sidewall sitting on concrete stemwall. Acme Exhaust fan at north end of each sidewall just before attached headhouse on north end.

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