(Completed in 2007)

Agra Tech Solarlight rigid peak greenhouse glazed with 8mm clear twinwall Polygal on all surfaces.

End view of rack and pinion pad vent system. Very curved rack for tight clearance by block wall. Note Koolcel cooling pad system visible through open vent.
View to pad end of greenhouse. Note Koolcel pad system, motorized inlet shutter in upper gable for air intake, and HAF fans for air circulation.
View of door endwall through open gates on fence surrounding greenhouse. Note Acme slantwall exhaust fans on lower wall and double wall heater stack to upper left side.
View of double wall heater stack penetrating endwall. Note slant wall exhaust fan.
Sidewall of greenhouse showing 6′ wide clear twinwall Polygal sheets mounted into aluminum extrusion system.
Door end of greenhouse. Note two Acme slant wall exhaust fans, HAF circulating fan hanging from bottom chord of truss inside greenhouse and overhead unit heater.

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