(Completed in 2007)

Francis Tuttle Nexus Vail rigid peak greenhouse completed in the fall of 2007.  30′ x 60′ greenhouse glazed with 8mm clear twinwall Polygal polycarbonate panels..

Netafim overhead watering system above Nexus galvanized steel bench frames. Note flourescent people lights and convection tube for air distribution overhead. 8mm Polygal on west wall and east wall is sidewall of adjacent classroom. Note insulated commercial steel door and Koolcel pad system on back south wall. Potting table in foreground.
View of Nexus bench frame anchored to concrete floors. Plastic bench tops removed in small area so you can see galvanized steel bench framing on 12″ centers to support plastic bench tops.
View of Netafim Vibromist overhead watering nozzles over Nexus galvanized steel bench frames with black ultra plastic bench tops. Koolcel cooling pad system in background.
Closeup view of Netafim Vibromist nozzle over plastic bench tops on Nexus bench frames. Exhaust fans and potting tables in background.

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