(Completed in 2009)

Homemade wood greenhouse frame made years ago by school wood shop at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward, Oklahoma, reglazed with clear 8 mm Polygal polycarbonate panels by American Plant Products & Services, Inc crews and equipped with all new heating and cooling equipment.

Greenhouse Sidwall
West sidewall with new Acme slant wall exhaust fans and double door. Woven polypropylene shade cloth installed over new 8 mm Polygal clear twinwall panels. Shade cloth over roof,  taped on all edges with grommets every 2′.

Endwall glazed with 8 mm clear twinwall polycarbonate panels mounted in aluminum extrusions with student fabricated double door.
High Plains Technology Center; Woodward, OK
New motorized Acme shutters on east sidewall to provide air inlet for Koolcel pad systems. 
High Plains Technology Center; Woodward, OK
Koolcel pads mounted in Acme stainless steel PDR4 distribution and return systems. Note HAF fan to circulate air in the greenhouse, and sump tank with lid.
High Plains Technology Center; Woodward, OK
View of heater, exhaust fan, structural plastic benches and greenhouse endwall and sidewall glazed with 8 mm twinwall polycarbonate panels.

For more information on this greenhouse or any others, please contact us at appas@americanplant.com or call (405) 787-4833.