(Completed in 2011) 

16′ wide x 25’9″ long National Grand Hideaway “free standing” aluminum greenhouse with white baked enamel finish. Includes 3′ x 7′ glass entry door with sliding door panel for fresh air. Glazed with 1/8″ clear tempered glass. Has one motorized ridge vent with roof vent opening covered with insect screen to prevent entry by birds and large insects.

Greenhouse heated by Modine Hot Dawg unit heater hung overhead. Evaporative cooling by 4″ thick Koolcel pads mounted on one end with air inlet controlled by series of four Acme motorized shutters covering the pad system. Exhaust fan with exterior shutter on the opposite end to create managed air flow across the length of greenhouse. Two 12″ overhead HAF fans to provide air circulation within the greenhouse.

All equipment is controlled by a Link 4 iGrow digital staged controller to save energy and manage greenhouse heating, ventilation and cooling. Shade cloth to be added seasonally over the greenhouse as needed. This beautiful greenhouse will be used to support science class instruction, and benches will be added as they progress.

National aluminum frame greenhouse glazed with clear tempered glass. Note open roof vent with pads and fan.
Exterior view of exhaust fan endwall with glass entry door. Note Modine Hot Dawg heater.
North Little Rock HS
Exterior view of pad and shutter endwall with Acme motorized aluminum shutters to provide inlet air to Koolcel evaporative cooling pad system mounted just inside shutters. Note black plastic sump tank with pump and valves to provide water flow to pad system. Sump tank covered with our own 2 part black fiberglass lid.


Interior view of Koolcel evaporative pad cooling system. Note black plastic sump tank that houses pump for cooling system. Two HAF overhead air circulating fans and roof vent also visible on beautiful glass greenhouse, with white baked enamel aluminum frame.
Interior view of exhaust fan end of glass greenhouse showing glass entry door, motorized shutter fan and natural gas fired Modine Hot Dawg unit heater.

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