(Completed in 2010)

23’4″ x 38’7″ Nexus Vail galvanized steel rigid peak greenhouse frame with just under 10′ bays, 8′ under gutter height and 30 lb. loading under the International Building Code (IBC). Greenhouse installed on 2nd floor of block walled university building above headhouse and teaching classroom. Greenhouse glazed with 8mm clear twinwall polycarbonate panels by Polygal. Heating, cooling and air circulation by central heat and air system supplying conditioned air into one end of greenhouse. Greenhouse designed for 2-year teaching program to support science and biology studies.

Exterior end view of Nexus Vail glazed with 8mm Polygal. Installed on 2nd floor above block building. Note block stemwall and decorative block corners for architectural impact.
One end of the teaching greenhouse is complete block wall except for door openings and for relief vent to release air when air conditioning is pumped into the structure.
Exterior side view of galvanized steel rigid peak teaching greenhouse glazed with twinwall Polygal polycarbonate panels. All heating and cooling by university central heat and air system.
Rich Mountain Community College - Mena, Ark.
View inside of teaching greenhouse of concrete floor. Note plated posts on block stemwall with 8mm twinwall Polygal glazed on all greenhouse surfaces above stemwalls.
Rich Mountain Community College - Mena, Ark.
View of one slope of roof showing wide galvanized steel gutter. Note aluminum ridge at peak of structure. We used gasketed aluminum extrusions to attach 8mm Polygal roof panels. Note screws and oversized washers to point fasten roof panels at purlins to prevent “uplift” of polycarbonate panels.

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